Articles on Postcolonialism


  1. Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

    Author(s): Robert J. C. Young
    Series: Very Short Introductions
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, Year: 2003
    (18 MB)

  2. Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction

    Author(s): Robert J.C. Young
    Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2001
    (95 MB)

  3. Zones of Instability: Literature, Postcolonialism, and the Nation

    Author(s): Imre Szeman
    Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Year: 2003
    (1 MB)

  4. Deconstruction and the Postcolonial: At the Limits of Theory

    Author(s): Michael Syrotinski
    Series: Liverpool University Press – Postcolonialism Across Disciplines
    Publisher: Liverpool University Press, Year: 2007
    (24 MB)

  5. A Companion to Postcolonial Studies
    Author(s): Henry Schwarz, Sangeeta Ray
    Series: Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies
    Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2000
    (3 MB)
  6. Literary Landscapes: From Modernism to Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Gail Fincham, Jeremy Hawthorn, Attie De Lange, Jakob Lothe
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2008
    (1 MB)

  7. Australian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, Transnationalism

    Author(s): Graham Huggan
    Series: Oxford Studies in Postcolonial Literatures
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, Year: 2007

  8. Colonialism Postcolonialism (New Critical Idiom)

    Author(s): Ania Loomba
    Year: 1998

  9. Geographies of Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Dr Joanne Sharp
    Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd, Year: 2008

  10. Beginning Postcolonialism (Beginnings)

    Author(s): John McLeod
    Year: 2000

  11. Understanding Postcolonialism (Understanding Movements in Modern Thought)

    Author(s): Jane Hiddleston Understanding Postcolonialism
    Year: 2009
    (10 MB)

  12. Postcolonial Poetry in English (Oxford Studies in Postcolonial Literatures)

    Author(s): Rajeev S. Patke
    Year: 2006
    (1 MB)

  13. Cultural Translation and Postcolonial Poetry

    Author(s): Ashok Bery (auth.)
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2007
    (1 MB)

  14. Contemporary Caribbean Women’s Poetry: Making Style

    Author(s): Denise deCaires Narain
    Series: Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures
    Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2004
    (1 MB)

  15. Poetry in a Time of Terror: Essays in the Postcolonial Preternatural

    Author(s): Rukmini Bhaya. Nair
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, Year: 2009
    (79 MB)

  16. Globalization and Postcolonialism: Hegemony and Resistance in the Twenty-first Century

    Author(s): Sankaran Krishna
    Year: 2009

  17. Power, Postcolonialism and International Relations: Reading Race, Gender and Class

    Author(s): Geeta Chowdhry, Sheila Nair
    Year: 2002

  18. Real and Imagined Women: Gender, Culture and Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Ra Sunder Rajan
    Year: 1993

  19. Erotic Justice: Law and the New Politics of Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Kapur
    Year: 2005

  20. Joyce, Imperialism, & Postcolonialism (Irish Studies)

    Author(s): Leonard Orr
    Publisher: Syracuse University Press, Year: 2008

  21. Rethinking Modernity: Postcolonialism and the Sociological Imagination

    Author(s): Gurminder K. Bhambra
    Year: 2007

  22. The Gothic, Postcolonialism and Otherness: Ghosts from Elsewhere

    Author(s): Tabish Khair
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2009

  23. Joyce, Derrida, Lacan and the Trauma of History: Reading, Narrative, and Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Christine van Boheemen
    Year: 1999

  24. Postcolonialism Psychoanalysis and Burton: Power Play of Empire (Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures)

    Author(s): Ben Grant
    Year: 2008

  25. Wole Soyinka: Politics, Poetics, and Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Biodun Jeyifo
    Series: Cambridge Studies in African and Caribbean Literature
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2003

  26. Postcolonialism: Theory, Practice or Process

    Author(s): Ato Quayson
    Year: 2000

  27. Textual Politics From Slavery To Postcolonialism: Race and Identification

    Author(s): Carl Plasa
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2000

  28. Sport and Postcolonialism (Global Sport Cultures)

    Author(s): John Bale, Mike Cronin
    Publisher: Berg Publishers, Year: 2003

  29. Interdisciplinary Measures: Literature and the Future of Postcolonial Studies

    Author(s): Graham Huggan
    Publisher: Liverpool University Press, Year: 2008

  30. Rethinking Postcolonialism: Colonialist Discourse in Modern Literatures and the Legacy of Classical Writers

    Author(s): Amar Acheraiou
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2008

  31. The Politics of Postcolonialism: Empire Nation and Resistance

    Author(s): Rumina Sethi
    Publisher: Pluto Press, Year: 2011

  32. Real and Imagined Women: Gender Culture and Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
    Publisher: Routledge, Year: 1993
    (46 MB)

  33. Questioning Hybridity, Postcolonialism and Globalization

    Author(s): Amar Acheraïou
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2011

  34. Moving beyond this moment: employing Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome in postcolonialism

    Author(s): Robert LaRue
    Publisher: ProQuest, Year: 2011

  35. Imperialism and Postcolonialism (History: Concepts, Theories and Practice)

    Author(s): Barbara Bush
    Publisher: Longman, Year: 2006

  36. Spivak and Postcolonialism: Exploring Allegations of Textuality

    Author(s): Taoufiq Sakhkhane (auth.)
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2012

  37. Postcolonialism and Science Fiction

    Author(s): Jessica Langer (auth.)
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2011

  38. Literary Criticism and Theory: From Plato to Postcolonialism

    Author(s): Pelagia Goulimari
    Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2014

  39. On Post-Colonial Futures (Writing Past Colonialism Series)

    Author(s): Bill Ashcroft
    Publisher: Continuum, Year: 2001

  40. Violence, Colonialism and Empire in the Modern World

    Author(s): Philip Dwyer, Amanda Nettelbeck (eds.)
    Series: Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series
    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2018


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