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I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. ― Jorge Luis Borges

There are some libraries in the world that have millions of items catalogued. The British Library clocks in as the world’s biggest library. It has between 170 million and 200 million items, squeezed onto 625 kilometres of shelves. They receive 8000 new titles per day. Library of Congress and the Shanghai Library edge in at second and fourth place respectively. We don’t have even 1% of their collection. We are the Underprivileged.

Researchers who can’t pursue their research due to the unavailability of reference books, those who gaze greedily at books with price tags that surpass their salary, those who wait for articles and books to be uploaded on Library Genesis, Science Hub, Reddit, Mobilism, MHut, Aaaaaarg, MOTW and FB Ask for PDF group, those who search for books in vain in the shelves that are half empty due to paucity of funds, scholars whose fellowship is too meagre to allow them to buy books, the poor who realise that the knowledge repositories of the world are locked up and they fall hitting their head against the paywall.

This is a request. From someone who has given you lakhs of books over the past 7 years through I want books. Books in your collection, books that you buy for me or books you authored— theory, fiction, poetry, history, children’s literature, Ph.D thesis. You can give me any paper marked with ink. Any language.

I will put those books in a shed near Wuthering Heights — a place with forests on either side, a brook where deers come to drink water and bamboo chairs scattered around. It will be free. Forever. In 5 months I will open this place and you can read till your eyes hurt.

You can courier it to the address below. If you are donating a large collection, use this form. I will come and collect it. Help me home this phenomenal project.

Nasrullah Mambrol
Founder of
Vanimal Post
Calicut District

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