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  • Trauma, Satire and Jess Walter’s The Zero

    A deliriously mordant political satire… Walter’s Helleresque take on a traumatic time… carries off his dark and hilarious narrative with a grandly grotesque imagination. –Publishers Weekly This review is featured as a paratextual element within the first pages of The… Read More ›

  • 9/11 Trauma in Don DeLillo’s Falling Man

    “DeLillo’s oddly original phrasings hauntingly evoke the high tension, distorted emotions and unexpected juxtapositions of those awful days just after 9/11” – Dan Cryer, San Francisco Chronicle This small review is featured in the Scribner edition of Falling Man (2007)… Read More ›

  • Previous Question Papers B.A. English Programme University of Calicut

    B.A. English Programme (CUCBCSS UG) University of Calicut (CUCBCSS UG) Core Course, Complimentary, Elective and Language Elective (World Classics in Translation) To Download the pdf, Click the following link. Previous Questions B.A. English Calicut University

  • Postmodern Gothic

    The play of fear and laughter has been inscribed in Gothic texts since their inception, an ambivalence that disturbs critical categories that evaluate their seriousness or triviality. The uncertainty perpetuates Gothic anxieties at the level of narrative and generic form,… Read More ›

  • High Culture and Popular Music

    The high-culture tradition is essentially a conservative one. It encompasses a defence of a narrowly defined high or elite ‘culture’, in the classic sense of Arnold’s ‘the best that has been thought and said’ (Arnold, Culture and Anarchy, 1869). This… Read More ›

  • Vampire Narrative

    The play between mythological and modern significance, between mystical and scientific visions of horror and unity, sexuality and sacred violence, is focused in the figure of the vampire. In Mary Braddon’s ‘Good Lady Ducayne’ (1896) the vampire theme signals the… Read More ›