Video Lectures

Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language Professor John Hamilton McWhorter, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University Lecture 1. What Is Linguistics? Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. This lecture introduces your course’s key elements, from… Read More ›


Structural Linguistics

Structural linguistics was developed by Ferdinand de Saussure between 1913 and 1915, although his work wasn’t translated into English and popularized until the late 1950s. Before Saussure, language was studied in terms of the history of changes in individual words… Read More ›

Saussurean Structuralism

Saussure introduced Structuralism in Linguistics, marking a revolutionary break in the study of language, which had till then been historical and , philological. In his Course in General Linguistics (1916), Saussure saw language as a system of signs constructed by… Read More ›

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