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  30. Memory, War and Trauma

    Author(s): Nigel C. Hunt

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  38. Psychological War Trauma and Society: Like a hidden wound

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  39. Trauma in First Person: Diary Writing During the Holocaust

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    Author(s): John K. Roth

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  47. Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film (Teaching the New English)

    Author(s): Robert Eaglestone, Barry Langford

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  48. Aharon Appelfeld’s Fiction: Acknowledging The Holocaust (Jewish Literature and Culture)

    Author(s): Emily Miller Budick

    Year: 2005

  49. Disciplining the Holocaust

    Author(s): Karyn Ball

    Series: Suny Series, Insinuations: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Literature

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    Author(s): Harold Bloom

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    Author(s): Pascale R. Bos

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    Author(s): Thomas Riggs

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  55. Imre Kertesz And Holocaust Literature (Comparative Cultural Studies)

    Author(s): Louise O. Vasvari, Steven Totosy de Zepetnek

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    Author(s): Hamida Bosmajian

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    Author(s): Marita Grimwood

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  58. Holocaust literature / 1. The accident – letters and papers from prison

    Author(s): John K Roth

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  59. Bearing witness : a resource guide to literature, poetry, art, music, and videos by Holocaust victims and survivors

    Author(s): Apfelbaum, Nina; Rosen, Philip

    Series: ABC-Clio ebook

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  60. Magic Realism in Holocaust Literature: Troping the Traumatic Real

    Author(s): Jenni Adams (auth.)

    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2011

  61. Holocaust Impiety in Literature, Popular Music and Film

    Author(s): Matthew Boswell (auth.)

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  62. Writing and rewriting the Holocaust : narrative and the consequences of interpretation

    Author(s): James Edward Young

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  63. Representing Perpetrators in Holocaust Literature and Film

    Author(s): Jenni Adams, Sue Vice

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  64. Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema

    Author(s): Robert C. Reimer, Carol J. Reimer

    Series: Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts

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  65. Translating Holocaust Literature

    Author(s): Peter Arnds

    Publisher: V&R Academic, Year: 2015

  66. The Afterlife of Holocaust Memory in Contemporary Literature and Culture

    Author(s): Richard Crownshaw (auth.)

    Series: Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies

    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2010

  67. The broken voice. Reading post-Holocaust literature

    Author(s): Eaglestone, Robert

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  68. The Politics of Jewishness in Contemporary World Literature: The Holocaust, Zionism and Colonialism

    Author(s): Isabelle Hesse

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  69. Psychoanalysis and Holocaust Testimony: Unwanted Memories of Social Trauma

    Author(s): Dori Laub, Andreas Hamburger (eds.)

    Series: Relational Perspectives Book Series

    Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2017




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