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A Brief History of English Novels

To a greater extent than any other literary form, the novel is consistently and directly engaged with the society in which the writer lives and feels compelled to explain, extol, or criticize. The English novel, from its disparate origins to… Read More ›

Moral formalism: F. R. Leavis

F. R. Leavis became the major single target for the new critical theory of the 1970s. Both Raymond Williams in Politics and Letters (1979) and Terry Eagleton in Literary Theory: An Introduction (1983) bear witness to his enormous, ubiquitous influence in English Studies from the 1930s… Read More ›

Ecocriticism Articles EBOOKS Ecocriticism (The New Critical Idiom) Author(s): Greg Garrard Series: The New Critical Idiom Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2004 (1MB) Green Shakespeare: From Ecopolitics to Ecocriticism Series: Accents on Shakespeare Publisher: Routledge (1MB) Ecocriticism and Shakespeare:… Read More ›


70 Articles and 200 Ebooks on #Feminism #GenderStudies #Women’sStudies 50 Articles and 52 Ebooks on #CulturalStudies #PopularCulture 38 Articles and 37 Ebooks on #Postcolonialism 25 Articles and 148 Ebooks on #MarxistLiteraryCriticism 20 Articles 61 Ebooks on… Read More ›