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You may request books with existing digital editions NOT yet available in Library Genesis ( or its mirror sites (, .

The availability of digital editions can be checked at

If the book has a digital edition there is some chance to obtain it.
Ebooks from Google Books cannot be considered as a digital edition, it’s almost impossible to retrieve them.

Double check book availability on LG and before requesting.

When you request books, provide the following mandatory information:
– Title
– Author(s) / Editor(s)

Optionally you may also specify:
– Publisher
– Year of publishing
– URL to bibliography

Visit for basic titles on Literary Theory and Criticism.

Image queries, random requests and bulk orders are ignored.
Do not outsource.

Use search bar at the home page of for getting articles and critical analyses.

Strictly no summaries.

Whatsapp your name and designation at +919048050200



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