University of Lucknow M.A. English Indian Literature in English Poetry Notes Paper X(B)

University of Lucknow M.A. (English) Indian Literature in English Paper X(B) Poetry Notes To Download in PDF Click  Lucknow Poetry PDF To Download in DOCClick Lucknow Poetry DOC The Harp of India This is one of the most iconic poems of… Read More ›

Romanticism in England

In England, the ground for Romanticism was prepared in the latter half of the eighteenth century through the economic, political, and cultural transformations mentioned in the preceding chapters. The system of absolute government crumbled even earlier in Britain than elsewhere;… Read More ›

Postmodern British Poetry

If the era of ‘postmodernity’ is increasingly seen as ‘a socio-economic mode that has intensified and surpassed modernity itself’ then poetry produced under this new ‘socio-economic mode’ might rightly be dismissed as another form of ‘postmodern’ candyfloss neatly packaged for… Read More ›