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Analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Stories

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s reading in American colonial history confirmed his basically ambivalent attitude toward the American past, particularly the form that Puritanism took in the New England colonies. Especially interested in the intensity of the Puritan-Cavalier rivalry, the Puritan inclination to… Read More ›

American Literature

American Literature 84 Lectures on American Literature by Dr. Arnold Weinstein, the Edna and Richard Salomon Distinguished Professor at Brown University. These lectures are from The Great Courses  Explain the roles of self-reliance and the “self-made man” in the evolution of American… Read More ›

Audio Lectures

Kindly scroll down for more audio lectures on a variety of topics The History of World Literature Stories-and-Storytellers The-Epic-of-Gilgamesh The-Hebrew-Bible Homer’s-Iliad Homer’s-Odyssey Chinese-Classical-Literature Greek-Tragedy. Virgil’s-Aeneid Bhagavad-Gita The-New-Testament Beowulf Indian-Stories T’ang-Poetry Early-Japanese-Poetry. The-Tale-of-Genji Inferno-from-Dante’s-Divine-Comedy Chaucer’s-The-Canterbury-Tales 1001-Nights Wu-Ch’eng-en’s-Monkey The-Heptameron Shakespeare Cervantes’s-Don-Quixote Molière’s-Plays… Read More ›

Literary Terms and Devices

Aestheticism European literary movement, with its roots in France, that was predominant in the 1890’s. It denied that art needed to have any utilitarian purpose and focused on the slogan “art for art’s sake.” The doctrines of aestheticism were introduced… Read More ›

Textual Criticism

Textual criticism provides the principles for the scholarly editing of the texts of the cultural heritage. In the Western world, the tradition and practice of collecting, tending, and preserving records was first instituted in the Hellenistic period. The great library… Read More ›