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Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum

“The Pit and the Pendulum” first appeared in Edgar Allan Poe’s collection of short stories The Gift in 1843. The story is a terrifying tale of suspense in which Poe captures the horrors of confinement and torture. The main character,… Read More ›


Aestheticism was a 19th-century literary, artistic, and cultural movement influenced by the aesthetic philosophies of the German romantic school, by the art criticism of John Ruskin, and by French writers such as Théophile Gautier and Charles Baudelaire. Aspects of aestheticism… Read More ›

American Literature

American Literature 84 Lectures on American Literature by Dr. Arnold Weinstein, the Edna and Richard Salomon Distinguished Professor at Brown University. These lectures are from The Great Courses  Explain the roles of self-reliance and the “self-made man” in the evolution of American… Read More ›

Literary Terms and Devices

Aestheticism European literary movement, with its roots in France, that was predominant in the 1890’s. It denied that art needed to have any utilitarian purpose and focused on the slogan “art for art’s sake.” The doctrines of aestheticism were introduced… Read More ›


Symbolism, an aesthetic movement devoted primarily to discovering the true nature of poetry, originated in France in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Charles Baudelaire and Stéphane Mallarmé, the central figures in the theory and practice of symbolism in… Read More ›

Audio Poetry

Adams-Curse-by-W.B.-Yeats Alone-by-Edgar-Allan-Poe-poetry Death-Be-Not-Proud-by-John-Donne- Fear-No-More-by-William-Shakespeare. If-by-Rudyard-Kipling Kubla-Khan-by-Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge-poetry My-Last-Duchess-by-Robert-Browning- Next-Please-by-Philip-Larkin Ode-on-a-Grecian-Urn-by-John-Keats Ode-to-Autumn-by-John-Keats The-Emperor-of-Ice-Cream-by-Wallace-Stevens- The-Second-Coming-by-W-B-Yeats-poetry The-Unknown-Citizen-by-W.H.-Auden Tonight-I-Can-Write-The-Saddest-Lines-by-Pablo-Neruda Ulysses-by-Alfred-Lord-Tennyson-poetry A-Valediction-Forbidding-Mourning-John-Donne- Anne-Sexton Wanting-to-Die Batter-My-Heart-John-Donne Dover-Beach-by-Matthew-Arnold Dylan-Thomas-Poem-in-October Dylan-Thomas-reciting-his-villanelle-Do-Not-Go-Gentle-into-that-Good Easter-1916-Yeats Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning-How-Do-I-Love-Thee Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning-How-Do-I-Love-Thee- For-whom-the-bell-tolls-by-John-Donne. Hawk-Roosting-by-Ted-Hughes I-Wandered-Lonely-as-a-Cloud-Daffodils-William-Wordsworth John-Donne-No-Man-Is-An-Island John-Donnes-The-Good-Morrow La-Belle-Dam-sans-Merci-John-Keats Longing-by-Matthew-Arnold Night-of-the-Scorpion-poem-by-Nissim-Ezekiel Ode-to-a-Nightingale-John-Keats Ode-to-Intimations-of-Immortality Ozymandias P-B-Shelleys-Ode-to-the-West-Wind Percy-Shelley-To-a-Skylark Philip-Larkin-Church-Going-John-Betjeman Richard-Burton-reads-Fern-Hill-by-Dylan-Thomas… Read More ›