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Gay/Lesbian Studies

Gay/lesbian studies looks at the kinds of social structures and social constructs which define our ideas about sexuality as act and sexuality as identity. As an academic field, gay/lesbian studies looks at how notions of homosexuality have historically been defined… Read More ›

Transgender Studies

Judith Butler’s scholarship and particularly her notion of performativity—which she theorizes throughout Gender Trouble (1990) and in subsequent work—has been foundational for the field of queer theory, but it also has had significant impact to the field of transgender studies…. Read More ›

Queer Theory

Since the late 1980s, theories of Gender and Sexuality have redefined how we think about culture and society. They have raised new questions about the construction of the gendered and sexualized subject and put forward radical new ideas about PERFORMANCE… Read More ›

Sprung Rhythm

This is Gerard Manley Hopkins’s term for his most characteristic and idiosyncratic poetic mode. Hopkins seemed to define it as organizing lines around stressed syllables. In sprung rhythm, the poetic foot always starts on a stressed syllable and may be… Read More ›

Critical Theory

Critical Theory is, by and large, concerned with the critique of modernity, modernization, and the modern state. The first generation of critical theorists – Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm – came together in the early… Read More ›

Postmodernism and Feminism

[Feminism] should persist in seeing itself as a component or offshoot of Enlightenment modernism, rather than as one more ‘exciting’ feature (or cluster of features) in a postmodern social landscape. (Sabina Lovibond, in T. Docherty, ed., Postmodemism: A Reader (1993).)… Read More ›

Audio Poetry

Adams-Curse-by-W.B.-Yeats Alone-by-Edgar-Allan-Poe-poetry Death-Be-Not-Proud-by-John-Donne- Fear-No-More-by-William-Shakespeare. If-by-Rudyard-Kipling Kubla-Khan-by-Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge-poetry My-Last-Duchess-by-Robert-Browning- Next-Please-by-Philip-Larkin Ode-on-a-Grecian-Urn-by-John-Keats Ode-to-Autumn-by-John-Keats The-Emperor-of-Ice-Cream-by-Wallace-Stevens- The-Second-Coming-by-W-B-Yeats-poetry The-Unknown-Citizen-by-W.H.-Auden Tonight-I-Can-Write-The-Saddest-Lines-by-Pablo-Neruda Ulysses-by-Alfred-Lord-Tennyson-poetry A-Valediction-Forbidding-Mourning-John-Donne- Anne-Sexton Wanting-to-Die Batter-My-Heart-John-Donne Dover-Beach-by-Matthew-Arnold Dylan-Thomas-Poem-in-October Dylan-Thomas-reciting-his-villanelle-Do-Not-Go-Gentle-into-that-Good Easter-1916-Yeats Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning-How-Do-I-Love-Thee Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning-How-Do-I-Love-Thee- For-whom-the-bell-tolls-by-John-Donne. Hawk-Roosting-by-Ted-Hughes I-Wandered-Lonely-as-a-Cloud-Daffodils-William-Wordsworth John-Donne-No-Man-Is-An-Island John-Donnes-The-Good-Morrow La-Belle-Dam-sans-Merci-John-Keats Longing-by-Matthew-Arnold Night-of-the-Scorpion-poem-by-Nissim-Ezekiel Ode-to-a-Nightingale-John-Keats Ode-to-Intimations-of-Immortality Ozymandias P-B-Shelleys-Ode-to-the-West-Wind Percy-Shelley-To-a-Skylark Philip-Larkin-Church-Going-John-Betjeman Richard-Burton-reads-Fern-Hill-by-Dylan-Thomas… Read More ›


The word ‘heterosexism’ derives directly from the feminist creation of the term ‘sexism’ during the late 1960s. The first usage of the term heterosexism is given as 1979 by the Oxford English Dictionary and it is defined as ‘prejudice and… Read More ›